Café Hemingway's is an eclectic artisan bistro and restaurant.

Café is situated in Kyalami, Johannesburg.

Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre, Kyalami, Midrand
Tel: +27 11 466 0195

Opening times

Mon – Teus = 07H00 – 19H00
Wed – Fri = 07H00 – Late
Saturdays = 07H30 – Late
Sundays/ Public holidays = 08H00 – 15H00

OH MY GOODNESS!!! A party! We simply love parties! The opportunity to get all dressed up, music, dancing, laughing, delicious food and a bunch of people having a great time… who doesn’t love a good party. And this was one for the books!

Dave was turning 40 and wanted something a little more extraordinary than the usual. His Mom was turning 60, so we were to combine the parties for a Happy 100th! Café Hemingway’s turned down the lights, ramped up the music and delivered.

Our brief was deliberately vague, with Dave and his Mom trusting the amazing Chef team to come up with something delectable, our only instruction was that a buffet style (but with style and a little panache) was required, and it had to appeal to guests across the ages.  We begin of course, with the end in mind. The dessert table was elegant and drool-inducing. The centrepiece was a masterpiece delivered by our pastry kitchen. An 8 layer, naked cake festooned with fresh berries, flowers and feathers. To complement this marvellous creation was a dessert table filled with a variety of delicious creations. All hand-made, from the deconstructed apple pie to the chocolate hearts and cake pops, the dessert table was like every childhood dream come true. Layers and layers of every delight awaited the guests; it was truly as if one had woken up in Willy Wonka’s factory!

No less anticipated and enjoyed was the main course prepared by our hot kitchen chef’s. Our speciality of organic lamb chops perfectly prepared to be succulent and delicious was the star attraction, complimented by dishes that ranged from the very modern twist on the traditional prawn cocktail (prawn and avo shots), to duck canapés and fresh salmon sashimi. The only moment of consternation for our guests came when they realised that they would never be able to try all the delicious dishes and still move around without difficulty. Which brings us to dancing…

The music band for the evening provided the background for a little dancing while the bar tenders kept us entertained with their bottle throwing shenanigans. An unforgettable event all round!

For your special event, be it a birthday, corporate function, Christmas party or even baby shower contact us to see how we can make your function one of a kind! We have standard function menus but can make one up to suit your guests and your event. Décor can be provided in your theme, and we can assist with everything from invitations to seating charts! For a one stop function event, contact us on (011)4660195 / to see how we can make your event special! 


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